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Gummy lovers, we’re excited to bring you an all-new, deliciously potent, cannabinoid-packed rocketship ride to the stars! Loaded with four hemp-based cannabinoids, these Purple Punch THCA Gummies from ItsPurpl rock the taste buds in a swirl of delicious fruity flavors, just before cradling the brain in mind-melting waves of euphoric effects. These Purple Punch THCA Gummies deliver a highly potent head-buzz that gradually morphs into radiating, soothing mind-body relaxation. One piece of these high-potency gummies packs the power of 15mg THCA, 5mg THC-P, 125mg delta 8 THC, and 10mg delta 9 THC. Together, this dynamite crew offers a one-of-a-kind, couch-locking, mind-launching, cannabis-fueled, all-systems-go experience!


High-Potency Purple Punch THCA Gummies: ItsPurpl

In collaboration with Jaleel White, we proudly present ItsPurpl Purple Punch THCA Gummies! Formulated with four hemp-derived cannabinoids, these high-potency gummies welcome a newer cannabinoid into the fold: THCA. As the precursor molecule to rough ’n’ rowdy, THC, THCA offers a different shade of effects. Into these scrumptious gummies, three psychoactive cannabinoids have been packed to complement THCA’s unique feels, giving you a cascade of relaxing, elevating, and enlightening effects. With 155mg of hemp-based cannabinoids, each piece offers a highly potent, euphoric ascent into the stratosphere. 


  • Relaxation
  • Mood Elevation
  • Body Buzz
  • Head Buzz
  • Mildly Trippy
  • Munchies

Directions for Best Results

If it’s your first time tangoing with cannabis edibles, like these high-potency THC-A gummies, you might need a little guide before your first dance. Don’t worry; these THCA gummies are easy to use and even easier to enjoy. Optimizing your experience only takes a little finessing. 

First, ready your space. For first-timers, we always recommend popping back a gummy, kicking your feet up, and staying in the sanctuary of your own personal palace. These effects lean more euphoric than energetic, more Friday night-in than Friday night-out. So, staying cozy in the comfort of your home is definitely recommended for a rip-roaring THCA ride through the cosmos. 

Next is perhaps the most important stage of all: the waiting game. THCA gummies, like other THC edibles, bring the party gradually (unlike THC VAPES) that start the party by crashing through the wall with a wave of euphoria and shouting, “Oh yeah!”). Effects from these THCA gummies start subtly, slowly letting the euphoria build to a dazzling crescendo over a couple of hours. But once these effects hit their cruising altitude, prepare to break the sound barrier. 

These THCA gummies boast a unique blend of potent cannabinoids, creating a strong, euphoric, chillaxed experience. So, take a serving of these THCA gummies and wait. These gummies are seriously delicious, but ignore the impulse to take more. That path only leads to the classic rookie mistake of taking too much too soon and getting too elevated. 

Generally, it can take 30 minutes to two hours to settle into the effects of these delightful, darling THCA gummies, depending on different bioavailability factors, like your height, weight, and body composition. Once you start feeling the whirling swirl of Purple-Punch-flavored euphoria, you can generally expect it to last six to eight hours. So, claim the best spot on the couch, buckle up, and enjoy an afternoon skiing down Mars’ Olympus Mons. 

Perfect for You If:

These Purple Punch puppies pop with 155mg of potent cannabinoids per piece, which might be a little heavy for adults with lower tolerances. So, these THCA gummies are pretty perfect for those seasoned THC users who have experience with cannabis edibles. If you’re a newbie, you can enjoy these Purple Punch THCA Gummies, too! Just split one chewy, purple square in half and take half a serving. Half a gummy will help you survey the lunar landscape—dipping your toe into the wormhole before diving headfirst. If you’d like to enhance your effects, feel free to take the other half, Space Cowboy!


  • 15 pieces of high-potency THCA gummies per pack
  • Deliciously fruity Purple Punch flavor
  • 15mg THCA per serving
  • 5mg THC-P per serving
  • 125mg Delta 8 THC per serving
  • 10mg Delta 9 THC per serving
  • Vegan
  • Warning: May cause psychoactive effects


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